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Glitch is irritating

I usually find this app comprehensive & convenient; recently each time I shop it asks how my experience was (pick good or bad) and keeps popping up until I say good. Talk about bad statistical methods!


The app works fine and is very handy for working with my multiple Rxes (!). Keeping it simple saves time and effort. Thanks!

I like all the app has BUT,,

This app wont add RX for my pet that has been on since I made account and tried everything & way to do so. It is very lengthy to do simple things and its divided to store and pharmacy and online. U have to read your phone# location and info for each place doing it in 1 does not update the others. Needs work but is good and in theory is good will keep but the fitness and pharmacy needs more work along with the RX savings card I have with them. Thank you.

Was my favorite until...

This was easily my most used app until this smiley/angry face emoji rating update. It makes me so angry that I have to deal with rating the app every time I open it. Until they fix it, I DO NOT like this app.

Survey of shopping experience

For past 2 weeks, I am getting a pop up from Walgreens asking about my shopping experience. Multiple times per day. It is driving me mad. There may be no way to fix this but delete the app. I see someone else complained 3 weeks ago. Same thing. Needs to be fixed now!


Highly functional and easy to use

Get rid of the store review!!

This app has become impossible to use. Every time I open it a survey pops up with a smile and a frown asking how my store experience was. If I click the smile, I have to click it 4-5 times before it goes away. If I click the frown it opens a webpage that tells me the survey is not currently active!!!! And this happens EVERY TIME I open the app! So frustrating. Please take away the survey!


I dont use the app for shopping if Im being honest but the refill by scan might just be the best feature ever. Love the ease and simplicity and the text reminders when they are due or ready. Love it!

Service Temporarily Unavailable

I use this app for Rx management and for refills. The Rx services have been "temporarily" unavailable for at least a couple weeks. If this isnt resolved soon Ill be forced to look into other means of Rx management, which yes might lead me to switching pharmacies.

Not All Prescriptions Are Filled & Ready

I love the ability to have reminders and order via the phone app. However, many prescriptions that I request through the app are not filled and when I go to the pharmacy to pick up 10-12 prescriptions, 3 to 4 are missing. Sometimes they say it is because it was a new prescription dropped off at the store and I cannot request it on the app; I have to call it in. Many times they are not sure why it wasnt filled or possibly not received request. Im not sure why they wouldnt have received the request since I requested all of my refills together. Frustrating. I also try to get all of my prescriptions at the same time each month. Because they are not filled when requested, I end up making several trips and then cannot reorder again at the same time. Please fix this!

Great app for forgetful me!!

I use the Walgreens app to refill my prescriptions and I love it!!!

Please fix notifications

I keep getting four to eight notifications for one pill reminder. I just got 34 notifications all telling me to reopen my pill reminder to keep getting notifications. Id rather not if this is gonna keep happening.


Awesome!! Great to use for every day use. Love it! Very easy!

Five stars!!!

This website is convenient and easy to navigate. I love it!


Everything about it!

So cool

Refill Rx is now a breeze! I love it


I am stuck in a loop from hell! I get the happy face sad face request for review and then am stuck wanting me to complete a survey...when I try to close it, it just pops back up...if I try to go to the survey to just answer it so I can move on, it says the survey is out of date and on and on and on and on it goes!

Perfect no problems

Great App works perfect for me


I basically only use this to scan refills and it makes my life easier. A good app for what I need and use it for. No problems.

Works Part Time

The app needs some work. It offers you bonus points for spending a certain amount but the store workers have no idea how to apply them. It should automatically update with the points when you reach the required amount, but it doesnt. Watch your receipts or youll get cheated out of the points.

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